What is this blog about?

This is a luxury travel blog that highlights the bits from my trips that I think are worth sharing.  As well as places I’ve visited, I write about experiences I’ve enjoyed and sometimes products I’ve tried and would recommend. There is a mix of work and leisure trips. It’s obviously written from a personal perspective; my taste might not be yours.

Who is the blog for?

 The blog will probably appeal to the more experienced or older traveller. You enjoy luxury experiences but either have to save up for them or, if you are reasonably well off, like to get value for money. No-one likes to waste money, do they?

I don’t write about luxury for the sake of it – I hate bling – but luxury in the sense that

something is out of the ordinary, a bit special and may be worth paying extra for.

To my mind, luxury is not just about the cost; there has to be some value. I might call it affordable luxury. 

My acid tests are “would I go back?”, if it’s a place or accommodation, and “would I recommend this to my best friend?” It’s the literary equivalent of “will this novel end up in the swimming pool?” (Sorry, Victoria Hislop)

Where have I been?

I’ve travelled extensively all my life and as a child lived in both South Africa and Hong Kong. With over 130 countries under my belt, I’ve seen most of the USA, Western Europe, South and East Africa, bits of South America and a lot of India (30+ trips). I retrained as a travel writer in 2008. When I was editor of a luxury hotel website, I visited over 500 luxury hotels worldwide.

What have I done?

As a professional travel writer, I’ve had many fantastic experiences – flown first class and by private jet; tracked cheetah and white rhino on foot; scooted over the Grand Canyon by helicopter, travelled on three luxury trains; been driven in a Hummer over slickrock in Utah and steered a £300k luxury yacht in the BVIs.

I’ve stayed in presidential suites and luxury rooms that I could never personally afford. But if I could, would I recommend them? And which experiences I’ve had are worth saving up for? This blog will try to address that.

What do I enjoy doing?

I like travelling (doh), I’m a bit of a foodie (veggie) and an art fan. I also drink lots of tea.  I’ll try to separate the good from the so-so, with a few extra tips thrown in along the way.

Enjoy – and do let me know what you think!


If I accept a complimentary stay or meal, it is always on the understanding that I will write my honest opinion and I never promise otherwise. My litmus test, is would I pay to stay here myself? If I have been ‘hosted’ I will always declare it.

Working with brands:

I will be happy to work with luxury brands, but you must be of interest to my luxury travel blog readers. 

I’m building up my following and expect to be able to work with brands from late 2021.

Please note this is a personal blog and I’m not interested in guest posts.

Please get in touch by email Olivia@luxurylivvy.com